Seller Information

Brands we accept

  • Premium brands e.g. Gucci, Isabel Marant, Molly Goddard, The Row, Shrimps, Chloe, Miu Miu, Victoria Beckham, Stella McCartney, Preen, Erdem, Valentino, etc
  • Boutique brands e.g. Margaret Howell, LF Markey, Sea NY, Sideline, Munthe, Ulla Johnson, Stine Goya, Sandro, Ganni, Sessun, Sezane, Acne Studios, Humanoid, Rixo, Rodebjer, Baum und Pferdgarten, Apiece Apart, Rachel Comey, By Malene Birger, etc
  • Or stand-out pieces from high-end high street brands such as & Other Stories, Whistles, Toast, Uterque, Cos, Arket, etc (and the very best of Zara)
  • We don't accept high street brands such as Topshop, Boden, Joules, Gap, Warehouse, Mango, Banana Republic, H&M, Primark, Benetton, etc (sorry) and we no longer accept jeans
  • For children we are happy to accept boutique brands such as Mini Rodini, Bobo Choses, Numero 74, The Animal Observatory, Louise Misha, Wolf & Rita, Bonpoint, Caramel, Emile et Ida, Hello Simone, Polder, Bang Bang Copenhagen, etc

How it works

  1. Email us on with a rough outline of the brands/ items you'd like us to sell - we'll let you know whether we think it's a good fit
  2. If it is, we'll ask you to send us a photo of each item (rough photos are more than fine) - we'll let you know what we think will sell well
  3. Post or courier the the selected items to us (we guide this process so it's as hassle free for you as possible)
  4. We photograph, write up and upload the items to site (some items suit in-person shopping better - these will be put on our rails in the studio)
  5. We handle all the customer enquiries and sale of your items for you
  6. We post the items to the buyer for you
  7. Once the sale is complete and the returns window has passed we pay you via PayPal


  1. There are no upfront charges
  2. For items that sell for under £30, you will receive 50% of the sale price (our fee is 50% down to a minimum of £5)
  3. For items that sell for £30 and over, you will receive 60% of the sale price (our fee is 40%)
  4. We pay all the VAT and card/ payment charges out of our fee

Other cost considerations:

  • Minor repairs (small holes/ dropped hems) will be charged at £5 - £15 per item depending on complexity
  • Larger repairs will be outsourced and charged at cost + an admin fee of 15%
  • Light cleaning costs will be £5 - £10 per item - this includes washing to remove odours/ marks/ stains as well as the removal of pet hair
  • Dry cleaning will be outsourced and charged at cost + an admin fee of 15%

Anything else I need to know?

We really wanted to avoid issuing a long list of terms and conditions but, with apologies, here they are:

  1. Please ensure all items sent to us are clean, free of stains/ marks, have no obvious signs of wear and are not in need of dry cleaning. If items are stained/ need repairs or not in great condition, and can't be easily cleaned/ mended we will automatically donate them to charity
  2. If you send us brands that we don't sell (and we haven't explicitly agreed to sell them for you), the items will automatically be sent to charity
  3. We sell items both at our studio and online. Some items are better suited to an in-person environment, so if you don't see them in our online shop, they will likely be on our studio rails
  4. For on-site appropriate items, it may take weeks or sometimes months for us to upload your items to the site. This is because (a) we receive a lot of stock and are a very small team, (b) we carefully curate the site so that it looks visually appealing to shop, (c) we don't upload lots of items of the same size/ style at a time, (d) we upload items that fit with the current season - so if you've given us summer dresses in autumn you'll need to wait to late spring to see them appear on site - and (e) your items may not fit with the collections we are focusing on at the time we receive them.
  5. Items that haven't sold at full price over the course of a season will automatically be put into the sale section at a reduced price. If they don't sell in the sale they will be put into clearance at dramatically reduced prices to ensure they sell
  6. 60% of stock sells within an hour of going on the Manifesto Woman site; 80% within two weeks; circa 5% of stock never sells
  7. We have no control over how quickly things sell or whether they sell at all. We do our best but sometimes it doesn't work out
  8. If items haven't sold, even at clearance prices, we will donate them to charity.  If you'd like your unsold items returned to you (as opposed to us donating them to charity for you), you will need to notify us when you send us your items as well as bear the costs of return postage.
  9. Pricing is set according to a wide variety of factors: quality, brand, social currency, recency of production, size, type of garment, fabric, condition, scarcity, fit with the Manifesto Woman aesthetic + many others. Our pricing is in line with other resellers.
  10. We only pay out for a sale once the returns window has passed... this is between 7 - 10 days from shipping in the UK and within 30 days of shipping for overseas sales.
  11. If an item of yours looks like it has sold on the site but you haven't been paid, it is either because it is being returned or because it has already been returned, has sold again and is now in another returns window. Please bear in mind that if it has been sold to a customer outside the UK, the returns window can last up to 30 days depending on their location.
  12. You'll need a PayPal account for payments; we don't pay into bank accounts
  13. If you're selling your clothes because you need money quickly, then we are not the right site for you.
Thanks for understanding.